Pamper Pouch Spa Party Kit

Pamper Pouch Spa Party Kit


Zoey Koko's Pamper Pouch is the ultimate DIY spa party kit. All the essentials for manicures, pedicures, mini facials, a glitter paint pen craft & more are included!  Perfect for a birthday activity or sleepover (doubles as a party favor)

Each Pamper Pouch contains the following items:  

💖 Zoey Koko Spa Guide
💖 Spa Headband
💖 Microfiber Face Towel
💖 Metallic Tattoo Sheet
💖 Zoey Koko Bracelet Tattoo
💖 Mango Shimmer Body Lotion
💖 Hydrating Cherry Face Mask
💖 Mani/Pedi Kit
💖 Quick Dry Color Nail Polish
💖 Quick Dry Glitter Nail Polish
💖 Nail Decals
💖 Glitter Paint Pens

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Zoey Koko Products are non-toxic & all natural😀

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