Pamper Pouch Spa Party Kit

Pamper Pouch Spa Party Kit


Zoey Koko's Pamper Pouch is the ultimate DIY spa party kit. All the essentials for manicures, pedicures, mini facials, a glitter paint pen craft & more are included!  Perfect for a birthday activity or sleepover (doubles as a party favor)

Each Pamper Pouch contains the following items:  

πŸ’– Zoey Koko Spa Guide
πŸ’– Spa Headband
πŸ’– Microfiber Face Towel
πŸ’– Metallic Tattoo Sheet
πŸ’– Zoey Koko Bracelet Tattoo
πŸ’– Mango Shimmer Body Lotion
πŸ’– Hydrating Cherry Face Mask
πŸ’– Mani/Pedi Kit
πŸ’– Quick Dry Color Nail Polish
πŸ’– Quick Dry Glitter Nail Polish
πŸ’– Nail Decals
πŸ’– Glitter Paint Pens

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Zoey Koko Products are non-toxic & all naturalπŸ˜€

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