Springtime Spa Party with Brandy Nelson


So my daughter is an interesting kid. For one, she's 7 going on about 25. She is wise beyond her years, and would rather go with Mommy to a rally or protest or rock out to Rage Against the Machine than watch TV or play with her dolls. She is very into science and the environment, and before I went to LA recently, she told me not to eat the seafood because of Fukushima. Not a problem, since I don't eat fish.

Anyway.... Like I said, Sophie isn't your typical 7 and a half year old.

Even though my kiddo may not fit in with all the other girls her age, she does have one thing in common with them. Common ground, if you will, that she shares with just about every female on the planet: Sophie loves pampering herself, and making herself look and feel beautiful. She loves spa treatments, manis and pedis, and of course, her mineral makeup kit for kids. 

So when the awesome folks at Zoey Koko contacted me to introduce me to their awesome spa party kits for tweens, I was SO excited. I knew immediately that my Sophie would totally love this idea, and so would her bestie, Lilly! 

Zoey Koko offers at home spa party boxes for tweens. Every party box comes with individual pouches for each girl that are loaded with all natural skin&nail products, as well a craft. The adventure is guided by a Zoey Koko spa guide.

We received 3 Zoey Koko Pamper Pouches so we could have the Ultimate Spa Party for Sophie and 2 of her friends!

Lilly was on board, but her other pal ended up getting sick, and couldn't make it at the last minute. That's okay, though. The other kit got put to good use, even in her absence. Pics later on in the post of our Mystery Party Guest! It's not what anyone's expecting! 


Sophie and Lilly decided they wanted to have their Spa Party outside, since it was a beautiful day here in the Cleveland, Ohio area. They had already been playing outside, and were ready to relax after running around for a couple of hours. 

They oohed and ahhed over the contents of their kits, and couldn't wait to get started using their special lotions, potions, and polishes. Of course they couldn't wait to apply their temporary tattoos, either. Like I said, my Sophie is edgy. I'm definitely going to have to watch her like a hawk when she's a teen. 

Sophie and Lilly were enjoying their Spa Party, but were happy to invite the most unlikely of guests to their celebration: My 6 year old son, Xander. 

As a mom, this melted my heart into a puddle of goo. Poor Xander was definitely feeling like the odd man out, digging holes in some dirt while the girls enjoyed their party. They noticed he looked sad, and invited him to join them.


Before anyone freaks out because I let my son use some blue nail polish: Chillax. It's called nail polish, not girl polish. It can be removed. I'd much rather have a little boy with painted nails than a little boy who feels left out because he wasn't part of his sister's Spa Party Date. Also, we didn't want that extra kit to go to waste! I even got in on the fun and did face masks with the kids that evening! 

Overall, we are absolutely in love with these awesome, natural products from Zoey Koko. This is such a creative idea, and I love that each kit contains different colors and designs, that are meant to be shared between friends. 

If you have a tween girl who loves spa dates with her friends, definitely check out what Zoey Koko has to offer! 

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