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Published in Boston Voyager on NOVEMBER 27, 2017

Today we’d like to introduce you to Sara Ferrer.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Sara. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
Over a decade ago my best friend and business partner, Dahlia, and I met while studying abroad in Spain. We bonded over our passion for entrepreneurship and upon return to college soon found ourselves dreaming of that “Aha!” moment where we would uncover that elusive new business idea. That idea finally dawned on me in 2015 while I was concluding my third year as an esthetician at a spa in Milton, MA. Moms often confided in me that their daughters were beginning to dabble in the use of spa products like body lotions and nail polishes; however, they often found it difficult to find the right products for young girls. I saw a problem and a way I could resolve it. The problem was the limited age-appropriate spa products for girls, ages 8-14, on the market. Current products were either too child-like and not trendy enough, or too adult-like and overly technical. In addition, girls wanted trendy items that they could experience together, with social bonding being a critical component of spa-time fun.

From there, Dahlia and I got thinking about how we could create a better offering. Then it hit us: why not create a line of all natural, non-toxic spa products for girls that promote pampering, social bonding, and creativity? To add to the “fun factor”, we would bundle our items into spa kits, which the girls could experience together. These kits would come loaded with goodies, not to mention a spa guide for the girls to easily mimic their own spa day. With a low cost, highly convenient model we could create an all-over unique experience for the girls. That was the birth of our entrepreneurial baby, Zoey Koko!

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
The road to success is a long and windy one, with many potholes. The key is to understand when to speed up and when to slow down. Dahlia and I chose to take a slow and steady pace that allowed us to minimize the potential business risks faced by many new small businesses. Finding the right suppliers was pivotal for us. Since we wanted to develop custom formulations and designs, we needed to find the right manufacturers who understood our target’s needs. This took time and certainly had its challenges, as some potential suppliers were unable to connect with our brand’s vision of safe, fun products. In total, we now have 10 suppliers that we work closely with to develop everything from nail polish to body lotion to metallic tattoos. We foster strong relationships with these suppliers so that as our success builds and our product line expands, we can have suppliers that are ready, willing and able to grow with us.

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into the Zoey Koko story. Tell us more about the business.
Zoey Koko is a line of all natural non-toxic spa products designed for girls. Our products range from glitter shimmer body lotion to a hydrating cherry face mask! We assemble our products into convenient spa kits so that girls can experience the fun of spa-like activities in the comfort of their own homes. People buy our spa kits for a variety of reasons: (a) they make for great gifts; (b), moms enjoy having Mommy & Me time; and (c) if you are a parent looking to throw a spa day themed birthday party, the kits are a one-stop-shop! Our Pamper Pouch is the best seller, as it comes loaded with spa products and a creative craft. To lead the excitement, we included a handy spa guide as well.

The most rewarding experience we find is when girls feel proud, confident and smiley in their skin after using our products. Our purpose at Zoey Koko runs deeper than just another product line for girls. We worked for a solid year on product development to ensure that our line would be safe, trendy and age appropriate. Whether you enjoy the spa party kit individually, or with others, our kit positively facilitates the social and emotional development of young girls. We have honed in on that sweet spot of appealing to girls for our “cool” factor, while also being mom approved, for our positive message reinforcement.

Has luck played a meaningful role in your life and business?
We think of luck as the cherry on top. We focus on the fundamentals of the business and perceive luck as a complement to our hard work, and not the sole reason for it. For example, when we were searching for a brand ambassador to be the face of Zoey Koko, we wanted to find a tween personality who embodied confidence, creativity and fun. We pitched Zoey Koko to about 8 well known gymnasts and dancers who have a strong social media presence. We ended up selecting Alexus Oladi from the TV show “Dance Moms” to shoot a promotional video for us. Alexus captured the youthful, vibrant vision that we had for the video, which is currently streaming on our website. To our very happy surprise, she continued to promote Zoey Koko on her Instagram account even after our formal relationship concluded. Alexus’s mother told us that she genuinely enjoyed using the Zoey Koko products with her friends and wanted to share these moments with her Instagram followers for a long time to come. A brand ambassador going above and beyond for the company is the result of hard work mixed with a dash of luck.


  • Our Zoey Koko spa kits range from $7.99-$29.99

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