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For many girls, middle school becomes a pressure cooker filled with power struggles, conflicting impulses, physical growth and strong emotions. Nevertheless, middle school is often also a time when young ladies develop close friendships and form their own rewarding social universes. Here in our family, we are in the midst of this with not one, but two children, and the sole message I want to instill in my daughters is – friends may come and go, but you will always have your sister!

In just two weeks, Maddox will be joining Makenna in the upper level of their school, and I must admit, I am rather nervous! Not only do both of my girls have extremely different personalities, but they have already had arguments over mutual friends, as well as issues interfering in one another’s personal relationships. Being just two years apart, much of this is to be expected, but it is important to me that no matter what this frantic phase may bring, they always remain a united front of family love.

What better way to help strengthen their sisterly bond before school starts again than with an at home beauty day?

Zoey Koko is looking to redefine the tween spa experience while making sure that every girl feels confident and proud in her own skin! Their cute and convenient Pamper Pouches ($29.99/each) contain everything needed to enjoy a luxurious, salon quality adventure, all in the comfort of home. That is definitely something I consider beautiful!


Anxious to see my daughters savor some special sister time, we received two Zoey Koko Pamper Pouches(one for each girl) which arrived directly to our doorstep. Inside the box was a helpful step by step spa guide for the girls to follow, as well as two gold organza pouches, each filled with a ton of awesomely unique items.

– mango glitter shimmer body lotion
– hydrating cherry face mask
– manicure – pedicure kit
– color nail polish
– glitter nail polish
– nail decal sheet
– metallic tattoo sheet
– Zoey Koko bracelet tattoo
– headband
– glitter paint pens
– face towel


My girls are thirteen and eleven, so once all of their Zoey Koko essentials were set up, I was able to step away and allow them the freedom to have fun with one another. That was something they really seemed to appreciate, and so did I. What followed were hours of laughter and giggles, as well as a few short breaks so they could share an opinion, show off a creative nail design or take a silly photo.

Both of my daughters had a lot of great things to say about their Zoey Koko spa experience including how amazing the all natural body care products smelled, how wonderfully soft their skin was and how much they loved the metallic tattoos! Makenna also made it a point to mention that she would like to see more gender inclusion, and perhaps even a special Pamper Pouch designed specifically for boys. After completing their day of beauty and bonding, both the girls were so exhausted that they decided to save the included craft (using the provided glitter paint pens to decorate their headbands) for the following day!

Makenna and Maddox were not the only ones impressed with Zoey Koko, as I felt this entire concept is nothing short of a parent’s dream come true! Besides my daughters spending quality time bonding with one another, they were also encouraged to take charge of their own beauty experience via the independent instructions. Pamper Pouches even support cooperative sharing since each kit includes unique nail polish, decals and tattoos that can all be split and swamped among a group.

Whether celebrating a birthday, organizing a sleepover or just seeking a spectacular way to spend time with a friend, Zoey Koko offers just the right balance of pamper, pleasure and positivity!


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