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Have Questions about Zoey Koko?

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What age are your products for?

Our products and spa experience are tailored for young girls, ages 6-13.

What type of products do you offer?

All of our face & body products are all natural and non toxic., while our accessories  are super trendy.  We bundle some of our products into spa kits to maximize the fun!  All of our products are safe, fun and easy to use.

Do Zoey Koko reps host parties?

We sure do! If you want a Zoey Koko rep to come and host a party, check out our mobile spa party page. We bring all the supplies necessary for a fun filled spa party, as well as drop cloths and other party prep materials to ensure an easy clean up. Our parties fully engage every guest with each spa activity and everyone leaves with Zoey Koko product. We primarily stick to the Massachusetts area for our mobile parties.

Are the product ingredients safe?

Absolutely! Our mommy approved face & body products are all natural and our nail polishes are free from the top 3 toxic chemicals.  To ensure safety, we always advise a patch test before using any product.

Are your products in stores?

YES! We are expanding into select stores that can be found here.

Can l customize spa kit contents?

At the current time, customization of the spa kits is not available.  However, we do offer our products in a variety of pre-selected colors  and patterns in each kit, encouraging creativity and sharing!  We are working hard to customize your experience though so stay tuned.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

We are always looking to expand our distribution channels and we DO offer wholesale pricing! Check out our Wholesale Account Page.