Whipped Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub


Coconut oil has been a hot and trending ingredient in the kitchen due to its healthy fat content and versatility, yet it also makes an excellent personal care product for its ability to aid in silky smooth skin and hair.

Over here at Zoey Koko, we are kinda obsessed with body scrubs.  The buttery skin we get post shower from a good scrub was the motivation to create our own.  We had 3 requirements going into this craft.  A great home-made scrub should be:

1. Easy to make
2. Easy on the wallet
3. Pretty enough to give as a gift

We wanted to use coconut oil because it is loaded with Vitamin E, but we ran into this problem: Coconut oil hardens in colder temperatures.  So we put our brains together and thought well, let's whip some air into this bad boy so that it stays light and fluffy at all times.

Our journey began to make the world's best Whipped Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub. We think we did a pretty decent job!


Supplies are super simple for this one.  We used coconut oil, granulated sugar, food coloring and essential oil (optional). Simple, easy, efficient!


1. Add 1 cup of solid or semi solid coconut oil into a mixing bowl.  If the oil is liquid, it won't whip properly.  (Tip: Harden it in the fridge for 10-15 minutes if you need to solidify it faster).

2. Turn the mixer on medium to high and blend it for approximately 2 minutes.  The final texture should look like a whipped butter.

3. Pour 1 cup granulated sugar into the oil and whip until it resembles a frosting-like texture. 

4. Grab your food coloring and whip in 1-2 drops of whatever color you desire. We chose red to make a soft pink shade.

5.  The essential oil is optional. If you choose to use one, we recommend 1-2 drops of lavender.  It has soothing and therapeutic properties that help keep us in our zen zone.

6. Your Whipped Coconut Sugar Scrub is complete!  We had an old jar laying around that we got from Marshalls for $2 so we threw the scrub in it.  We love how gorgeous our super simple DIY craft looks.  You can use all of that buttery goodness for yourself or give it as a thoughtful, home-made gift!


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