The Incredible Edible Cranberry

The cranberry: A tart, unassuming fruit that gets its 15 minutes of fame every year on Thanksgiving day.  But there's more to this tiny gem than you may have realized! Did you know that cranberries are one of the top antioxidant-rich foods?  Antioxidants help protect the body from damage, so the more you consume, the better!

Check out our list below of the wonderful benefits of cranberries:

Rich in vitamins - Did you know a ½ cup serving of cranberry will provide you with 10% of your daily value of vitamin C?

Keeps you full - The high fiber will keep you fuller, longer.

Brightens teeth - The antioxidants in cranberries will reduce the bacteria on your teeth and gums. Say cheese!

Helpful with Digestion-  Cranberry juice is naturally acidic and helps to balance the bacteria in the stomach and aids digestion.


Pretty impressive, huh? Next time you're passed the cranberry sauce, be sure to enjoy that extra serving 😋

sara ferrer