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Meet Zoey Koko

Promoters of Girl Power & Positive Vibes!

Over here at Zoey Koko, we are two besties working to achieve one mission:Make every girl feel smiley in her own skin.

We offer all natural face & body products designed specifically for young girls.  No harsh chemicals = no worries! We start our creative process by channeling our inner tweens and imagine  what fun products we would want to indulge in.

After some trial and error and lots  of late night carbs, BOOM! Magic happens.

As always, our products are:

All Natural ✔️

Designed with love in Boston ✔️

Don't contain the "toxic trio" in our kid friendly nail polishes ✔️

Whether it's a birthday celebration, sleepover or just because, there's always a reason to experience the warm, fuzzy, girl power vibes of our Zoey Koko products!

Cheers from Boston,

Sara & Dahlia